RVS 120

The Ross RVS 120 vertical chute slicer is a premier option for processors who require versatility and reliability. It’s ideally suited for slicing bone-in and boneless pork, boneless
beef, sausage patties, battered/breaded products, and chubs.

RVS 120 vertical chute slicer

Key Features

  • Consistent slice yields at up to 120 slices per chute per minute
  • Slice range of .08” to 1.5”
  • Dual 8″ or single 29″ conveying system
  • Adaptable chute configuration for multiple slicing operations
  • Dual digital displays for cut data
  • Easy open side panels and removable belts for sanitation


Pork | Meat




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The RVS 120 vertical chute slicer is a short-run processor’s dream machine. With up to 120 slices per chute, per minute the RVS 120 can meet the demands of a busy production line with ease. Its simple modular design allows for rapid reconfiguration to meet shifting customer needs. Simply loosen a few bolts to switch slicing chutes and the RVS 120 becomes a completely different slicer.

The RVS 120 can have up to eight chutes and two outfeed conveyors allowing processors to slice different products of the same thickness simultaneously. Slicing speed and thickness are fully adjustable while the machine operates allowing for on-demand fine-tuning.

Processor Benefits

  • Modular design allows for simple reconfiguration to cut different products
  • High throughput machine capable of delivering 120 slices per chute per minute
  • Hygenic design with simple belt removal, sloped surfaces, and a non-tubular construction


  • Two 8″ outfeed conveyors or a single 29″ full lane conveyor
  • Misting system

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RVS 120