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As specialists in meat and food processing technologies, Ross Industries helps its customers improve the processing, quality, and safety of their food products.

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A World-class Manufacturer

Ross doesn’t gamble with our success or the success of our customers; which is why we design our machines for long-term durability, functionality, and premier product quality. Every piece of Ross-branded equipment is milled from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum and hand assembled at our facility in Midland, Virginia. One of the hallmarks of Ross is our commitment to supporting our legacy products. We do not believe in planned obsolesce unless we can physically no longer support it.

Vast Resources & Complementary Equipment

At Ross, we believe that quality doesn’t come from going it alone. We partner with carefully selected and like-minded equipment manufacturers to provide our customers with a wealth of knowledge and experience unmatched in the industry. We encourage our customers to take advantage of this combined expertise so that together we can help you produce a better, higher quality, more profitable product.

Engineer, Manufacturer & Marketer

Henry "Bud" Ross was always a tinkerer and part-time inventor with a garage full of his innovations. He started Ross Industries in 1968 after winning a friendly bet with his friend Charles Wible. As the two dined at an upscale Washington D.C. restaurant, Wible remarked that their steaks had a tough, unpleasant texture. "Why doesn't someone invent a machine to tenderize bone-in meat primals without using chemicals?" Wible said. Bud Ross remarked there was nothing to it and a wagered that Wible would become his first customer. Six months later, Bud sold the first Ross 501 Tenderizer to Wible.

The Ross 501 meat tenderizer was the first in a series of food processing equipment innovations that reflected Bud Ross’ common-sense approach to engineering.

Advanced Technology from Humble Beginnings

The 501 tenderized bone-in meat by making thirty-two unique T-shaped surgical incisions per square inch without distorting the product shape or degrading the meat quality. For the first time, meat processors and retailers could mechanically tenderize primal sections and cuts without removing the bone. His design enhancements often featured multiple benefits from a single idea – a trait that would become the signature of Ross-engineered equipment. Bud Ross went on to invent many other machines over the next several decades, expanding the Ross equipment family to include slicers, dicers, formers, and macerators. Ross is known for its wide range of proven processing and packaging equipment and solutions, including its line of meat tenderizers, chilling and freezing equipment, formers and presses, slicers, macerators, and tray sealers.

We believe in the limitless power of partnerships.

At Ross Industries, we believe that shared expertise makes us a stronger company. We've built a coalition of the world's most respected food processing equipment brands for one purpose — to provide you with the best possible processing solutions.