Ross Industries Showcasing Cutting-Edge Meat Processing Equipment at AAMP Annual Convention

Ross Industries will attend the highly anticipated American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) Annual Convention in Charleston, South Carolina. As a leading provider of innovative solutions for the meat processing industry, Ross Industries is thrilled to showcase some of our finest equipment at this prestigious event.

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One of the highlights of our exhibit will be the AMS 533 Skinner, a state-of-the-art machine designed to streamline the skinning process. The roller depth is not operator adjustable ensuring more consistent membrane removal and higher yields over time

We will showcase several slicers including the Ross 950, Ross SC 300, Magurit Galan, and Ebaki Mini. The Magurit Galan slicer, is one of the most versatile slicers on the market. It can cut fresh, tumbled, crust-frozen, and cooked products into slices, strips, and dices without deforming the product— a perfect solution for meat, poultry, or fish.

The compact Ross SC 300 strip cutter delivers uniform strips/slices of beef, pork, and poultry at high volumes with no smear or kerf loss. Designed for versatility, the SC 300 processes whole muscle cuts making it the ideal machine for top-round steaks, chicken strips, fajitas, carne asada, jerky, and more.

The Ross 950 is one of our most popular compact slicers due to its reliability, high production output, and versatility. Its high output, of up to 100 slicers per chute per minute, makes it a smart choice for the busy processor who wants a high-volume no-fuss slicer that turns out consistently portioned products.

The Ebaki Mini horizontal slicer effortlessly cuts boneless beef, chicken, pork, and turkey into equal-thickness sliced fillets. With multiple cutting head options and compatibility with up to 10 blades, the Ebaki mini offers processors numerous cutting options aimed at meeting their unique product specifications. With an output of 1100 lbs/hr. its small size is ideal for small processors of butcher shops.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to explore the future of meat processing technology. Join us in booth 319 at the AAMP Annual Convention in Charleston, SC from July 13-15 and discover how Ross Industries Inc. is revolutionizing the industry one slice at a time. Show registration and hotel information is available at the AAMP website.  See you there!