Our intelligent trimline supercharges the traditional trim table system by adding automatic weighing and tracking to monitor yield, capacity, and trim quality per operator. By having this data available live during production, you can make adjustments where necessary, without losing valuable time. It also allows you to divide the incoming flow of raw material between available operators ensuring a continuous product flow. Our integrated MATRIX software platform stores and examines all your processing data to allow you to make data-driven decisions to help improve your line efficiency, trim quality, and long-term yield.

Trimeline Overview

Key Features

  • Intelligent trimming system that enables operators to work with maximum efficiency, but also provides
    a tool to monitor and motivate them where appropriate
  • Adjustable working platforms with ergonomic workstations that automatically present the product close to the worker
  • Takeaway conveyors for finished product and trim
  • Option to discard trim in trolleys or takeaway conveyor
  • Touchscreen software interface at each operator station highlighting individual performance
  • Hygenic design with minimal horizontal surface
  • Watertight electrical cabinets with dual seals


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How the Trimline works


Raw materials arrive at the infeed conveyor from a deboning lane, crates or other. The speed of this conveyor is controlled by the weighing device that aims to deliver fixed-weight batches. Most often, a small buffer is provided which accumulates products while the weighing device is cleared.


The raw material specifications can be programmed in the system’s HMI on the production floor or through the MATRIX PRO software. Operator workstations can be enabled, as well as the selection of custom programs


A static weighing system accurately captures the batch weight before allocating it to one of the trim operators. Once the target weight is reached and recorded, the batch is tracked and traced to one of the available operator stations.


Ergonomics are key to a flawless product flow. Each operator has an adjustable work platform which enables them to select the most comfortable working height. The cutting board has a removable section that can be easily replaced when worn
out by the cutting process.


The dynamic weighing conveyor is integrated in the takeaway belt and captures the weight of the deboned or trimmed product. Traceability on the belt makes sure the batch is linked to a specific working station.

Quality Check (Optional)

Random or sequential quality checks of batches can take place on the optional quality selection stations. Each operator will receive a performance score based on the quality level.

Trimline Table

Processor Benefits

  • Real-time performance monitoring of each operator to improve overall production; this means that capacity, yield, and quality is
    maintained at the level needed to remain competitive
  • Manage and divide the incoming flow of raw material between the available operators, guaranteeing continuous product flow
  • Real-time tracking of KPI’s with MATRIX software, generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports and track trends among individual operators
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion to pace future demand
  • Easily integrates with the Portio portioning system for a nearly zero-waste solution for boneless proteins

Product Specifications

Trimeline Overview