TC 800

The TC 800 is a single head tenderizer designed for both boneless and bone-in tenderization, the TC 800 promotes consumer satisfaction by allowing processors to produce and upgrade meat cuts with guaranteed tenderness.


Key Features

  • Single tenderizing head
  • Stainless steel blades produce 32 incisions per square inch (unique “T-shape” pattern) to sever sinew, connective tissue, and muscle fiber
  • Blades are positioned in magnetic carriers, retracting when they encounter bones or frozen areas
  • Servo drive provides smooth conveyor movement resulting in improved tenderizing consistency
  • Independent belt and head drives allow pass-through or conveyor-only mode allowing it to stay in line when not needed
  • Wash through design


Meat | Poultry




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Product Overview

Tenderizing is a critical processing step that has multiple benefits. It allows processors to convert less tender cuts of meat into cuts with increased palatability to the consumer. In addition, it enables processors to produce and upgrade lean meat cuts with guaranteed tenderness. Blind consumer testing shows that blade-tenderized meats are largely preferred over similar cuts that have not undergone the same process.

Further, tenderization makes healthier, leaner cuts more palatable because the natural fat content of most rounds is about 5% compared with 18—20% for middle meats.

Processor Benefits

  • Reduced aging time and decreased purge
  • Improved tenderizing consistency
  • Reduced cooking time
  • Enhanced moisture and flavor retention
  • No Meat/No Tenderize feature disengages the head when no product is detected, reducing wear and tear

Product Specifications

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