Magurit Starcutter

The Magurit Starcutter is designed for the continuous reduction of frozen products at very low temperatures and high volumes while maintaining a high-quality cut. The resulting product is especially suitable for further processing in mixers for the preparation of sausage, single grinding processes for ground meat, burgers, or other formed products.

318 LN offen

Key Features

  • Rotating cutting drum with blade options for cutting thickness between 3 mm and 20 mm
  • Cuts product at temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C)
  • Process rates up to 8 tons per hour
  • Integrated pneumatic feeding ram provides constant product pressure
  • Cover opens fully for quick cleaning and disassembly


Pork | Meat | Poultry | Seafood | Pet Food | Fruit & Vegetable | Cheese


Slicers | Frozen Product Reduction


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Product Overview

The Starcutter achieves its premier cutting process through its unique blade design, integrated block hold down device, and cutting drum geometry. The C-CUT blades flake the product while simultaneously making transverse cuts, resulting in much smaller pieces in a single pass through the machine. This unique cutting style preserves the cell-structure of the meat and maintians product temperature, resulting in better binding results.

The Starcutter is available in a variety of machine models and set ups for all production capacities and all common block sizes and includes blades for all possible cutting results. Optional ancillary equipment available for production line integration.

Processor benefits

  • Unique C-Cut blades flake product while making a simultaneous traverse cut resulting in much smaller pieces after a single pass
  • Compatible with most standard Euro and U.S. block sizes
  • Low energy consumption

Product Specifications

318 LN offen
312 open service cover wo background
3X8 LN feeding ram
3X8 double block loading
Starcutter 318 vorn

Product Downloads

Magurit Starcutter Brochure