Ross TC700 WSSP Tenderpress

The TC700 WSSP allows processors to tenderize and flatten poultry portions by as much as 70% in a single pass. Combined with a flattening head, the TC700 Tenderpress ensures consistent tenderness while the adjustable flattening height achieves desired product thickness. The Tenderpress is the ideal machine for processors looking to flatten and tenderize poultry fillets, tenders, or nuggets before breading and frying.

700 WSSP open

Key Features

  • Ross Tenderizing with combined flattening head ensures consistent tenderness and thickness
  • Servo-driven system with advanced settings to achieve various levels of tenderness while maintaining 120 strokes per minute
  • Closed belt contains small products like chicken tenders or nuggets
  • Optional side rails for layered or stacked products for increased capacity – Tenderizing only


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Product Overview

The Ross 700 WSSP Tenderizer is a dual head system with a bi-directional blade configuration and is capable of running at 100-120 strokes per minute. The WSSP has a 24-inch wide belt and is 7 feet long and 39 inches wide. One of the significant benefits of the WSSP is its ability to create uniformity while simultaneously improving product quality.

Product testing on chicken breasts found that the WSSP increased tenderization by approximately 20% and reduced marination tumble times by 33%. After cooking, testing noted that the tenderized breasts shrunk by about 15% less than a non-tenderized breast portion.

Processor Benefits

  • Tenderizing blades sever sinew, connective tissue, and muscle fibers–enabling rapid marinade absorption and reduced tumble times
  • Uniform thickness increases cook yields & broadens plate coverage
  • Severing membranes reduces curling when the product is fried
  • Blade design/pattern provides increased tenderness in “Woody Breast” by as much as 20% over a non-tenderized product
  • Place in-line with deboning to process up to 80 butterfly breasts per minute

Product Specifications

700 WSSP closed
700 WSSP Interior
Tenderized butterfly breasts
Tenderized chicken