Ross Flattener 300/400/600/1000

The Ross Flattener is designed to flatten all types of fresh or soft frozen meat products. Flattening is done to get equal cooking times and shorter frying times, to prepare the product for further processing like coating and breading, or to enlarge the surface of the products, such as stuffed chicken breast fillets. 

RCF Flattener

Key Features

  • Multiple rollers provide the necessary pressure for supreme flattening and significant reduction of the memory effect (bounce back)
  • Water misting system to avoid the product sticking onto the conveyor belts
  • Adjustable flattening distance and speed
  • Scale to reference flattening distance
  • Built with stainless steel, food-grade bearings, and food-approved synthetic materials
  • Collection tub under machine


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Our flatteners are ideal for beef, pork, lamb primals, poultry breasts, legs and tenders, beef jerky and other preportioned meat snacks, and freeze-dried and dehydrated pet products.

The machine efficiently flattens products through a roller system that applies even pressure to the product.

The product is placed on the infeed part of the lower conveyor and guided through the belt system, where several pairs of pressure rollers between the driving and return shafts flatten the product efficiently via the flattening belts. The result is a uniformly thick product ready for further processing.

Processor benefits

  • Versatile applications for either fresh or soft frozen meat products
  • Increased product surface area for breading/battering operations
  • Greater product consistency before portioning
  • Consistent cooking/frying times and improved product quality
  • Quick release belts allow for rapid removal for cleaning and sanitation

Product Specifications

RCF Close Up
RCF Flattener rear
RCF Flattener top up
RCF Flattener

Product Downloads

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