Ross 990 Slicer

The Ross 990A/AW is ideal for rapidly slicing formed products such as sausage patties and fish sticks. Products are positioned in vertical chutes and gravity fed into a precision slicer. With a nominal production rate of up to 1200 slices/min, the 990 maximizes line efficiency by quickly slicing and moving products down the line.

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Key Features

  • Nominal product rate of up to 1200 slices/min
  • Slices products between 0.22 inches and 0.69 inches
  • Products sliced at temperatures ranging from 18°F to 24°F
  • Curl and kerf loss are eliminated, maximizing yield
  • Custom-built molds to your specification or choose from hundreds of stock designs


Pork | Meat | Poultry | Seafood | Pet Food | Fruit & Vegetable | Meat Alternative




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Product Overview

The Ross 990 is a true workhorse of high-volume slicing technology. With a nominal production rate of 1200 slices per minute, it boasts one of the highest production rates in the industry. We designed the 990 to rapidly portion ground-formed logs or chubs to create burgers or sausage patties, jerky portions, fish nuggets or tiles, and freeze-dried or dehydrated pet products.

The 900 is highly flexible. The standard model comes with a 31″ wide conveyor that offers plenty of space to portion and organizes your products. For processors who require larger applications, a 42″ wide conveyor is also available. Additionally, we offer various chute options for almost any product size and shape. We can also custom-build chutes to your specifications.

Processor Benefits

  • Cutter, conveyor belt, and thickness adjustment motors are hydraulic powered and easily adjustable, ensuring long trouble-free service
  • Product exits slicer in rows and columns, facilitating the use of stackers and maximizing conveyor belt coverage for cookers and freezers
  • Optional grouping conveyor available to organize products for additional processing or packaging

Product Specifications

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Product Downloads

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