Ross 950 Slicer

Ross 950 series slicers utilize vertical chutes to position formed products for precision slicing of nearly any type of protein. With a rate of up to 100 slices per chute per minute, the 950 offers a solution for processors who require efficient, high-volume slicing. Ross offers four different versions of the 950 designed to meet a variety of processing applications.

950 4 slicer

Key Features

  • Consistent slice yields at up to 100 slices per chute per minute
  • Custom-built chutes to your specifications or choose from hundreds of stock designs
  • Variable cut and conveyor speed adjustments enable operators to match slicer performance with process requirements
  • Adjustable slice thickness during operation


Pork | Meat | Poultry | Seafood | Pet Food | Fruit & Vegetable | Meat Alternative




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Product Overview

The Ross 950 is one of our most popular compact slicers due to its reliability, high production output, and versatility. Its high output of up to 100 slicers per chute per minute makes it a smart choice for the busy processor who wants a high-volume no-fuss slicer that turns out consistently portioned products. One of the unique features of the 950 is its paired chutes and discharge conveyors. Each set can function somewhat independently of the others meaning processors can slice different products of the same thickness simultaneously.

Ross manufactures multiple versions of the 950 to meet different use cases:

  • 950-3: Ground products such as sausage
  • 950-4: Battered/breaded products bound for freezing or oven lines
  • 950-6: Boneless eye round, ribeye, tenderloins, sirloin, beef jerky, poultry, seafood
  • 950-8: Bone-in (pork only) or boneless eye round, ribeye, tenderloins, sirloin, beef jerky, poultry, seafood

Processor Benefits

  • Dual chutes and separate discharge conveyors (950-6/8) provide the option to slice multiple products of the same thickness simultaneously
  • Ergonomically designed chutes allow for easy loading and near continuous slicing operation
  • Multiple blade options are available, allowing for greater slicing versatility

Product Specifications

Product Downloads

950 Slicer Brochure