Quad Cuber

Maximize your yield with the QC 300 cuber. It’s ideal for continuous high volume inline processing of boneless beef, pork, and poultry into cube steak, stir fry, chicken fried steak, or schnitzel. The machine’s patented roller design provides a crosscut without the necessity of turning the product—a time and labor savings!

QC600 Top Angle

Key Features

  • Patented roller design provides crosscut without turning the product
  • Ideal for continuous high-volume processing applications
  • Small footprint maximizes floor space
  • Available with either 12″ or 24″ wide conveyors
  • Fixed distance between roller shafts, cuts the same depth every time and acts like a flattener, providing consistent tenderness and uniform thickness
  • Rugged design with durable components
  • Quiet operation
  • Optional strip cutting head


Pork | Meat | Poultry | Pet Food


Tenderizers | Cubers/Macerators


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The hallmark of the Quad Cuber 300/600 is its patented roller design. Traditional cubers require multiple passes through a machine to achieve the standard crosshatch pattern typically found in cubed products. The Quad Cuber’s unique design cuts the product in multiple directions simultaneously. The result is two-pass cubing without the need for a second pass.

When the QC is integrated with the Ross “Case Ready” Cubing System processors, get the benefit of an end-to-end cubing system that flattens and tenderizes your product with almost zero human intervention. The system includes a Ross Flattener and up to three QC cubing machines.

This configuration allows for improved product consistency and greater quality control. Using this system, up to 85% of steaks are ready for tray placement and packaging without further handwork, creating a labor savings of up to 75%. This system can also integrate with Ross’ MAP or VSP tray sealing systems for a total processing and packaging solution.

QC600 Top Up

Processor benefits

  • Tool-less cartridge removal allows for product changeover in a matter of minutes
  • Flip open top and tool-less belt removal for easy wash down
  • Can be integrated with other QC machines for additional processing and packaging with minimal human intervention

Product Specifications

QC600 Teeth
QC600 low angle
QC600 Top Up
QC600 Top Angle
Case Ready Cubing System

Product Downloads

Quad Cuber Brochure