Pujolas 3D Presses

Pujolas 3D meat presses represent the latest in protein forming technology allowing the creation of a uniform three-dimensional shape in a single-pass-through machine. This is an ideal solution for shaping bacon, ham, shoulders, or any other product that requires uniformity for portioning. Pujolas presses are capable of handling fresh, frozen, or crust frozen meats. Busy processing facilities will love Pujolas’ rapid toolless changeover between molds and easy disassembly for washdown.

pf 3d

Key Features

  • Three-dimensional pressing allows for a single pass through the machine
  • Unparalleled product uniformity
  • Nearly limitless mold shape options are available
  • Toolless changeover between different molds


Pork | Meat | Poultry | Seafood | Pet Food | Fruit & Vegetable | Cheese | Meat Alternative


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Product Overview

The Pujolas 3D meat forming presses have been designed to minimize product waste during the filleting process. Its versatility allows various types of products such as pancetta, loins, bacon, and other types of frozen or cured meats, to be pressed, simply by changing the molds.

This unique system uses both high and low pressure to achieve a uniformly pressed product. Low pressure is exerted on the product from the top, thus preventing the meat fibers from breaking.

At the same time, the lateral cylinder advances at low pressure, obtaining a preform of the product. The high pressure then compacts and evens out the product, by closing the cracks.

In addition, to three-dimensional pressing, Pujolas offers other integrations:

  • PV VERLATORI 3DRS-ILS: Automated two-lane pressing and slicing system
  • PV VER LATORI 3DRV: Pressing with automated in-line loading

Processor benefits

  • Greater portion yields from product uniformity due to compacted and regular edges- Zero product waste
  • Increased productivity through improved product quality
  • Toolless fast removal of molds and contact surfaces for easy washdown and sanitation

Product Specifications

pf 3drv detall 4 535x445px
pf 3drl 1391x978px2
pf 3d