Magurit Precut

Used primarily in pet food processing, the PreCut 280 and 330 reduce “shedloads” of frozen or hard raw materials at high volumes. The Precut is designed for production facilities who need to reduce of 17,000 pounds per hour and above.

PRECUT 330 1920 x 1080

Key Features

  • Used in pet food processing and other applications that require the reduction of frozen blocks
  • 700 mm cutting width
  • Up to 16 to/h (35,000 lbs.)


Pork | Meat | Poultry | Seafood | Pet Food | Fruit & Vegetable


Slicers | Frozen Product Reduction
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Product overview

The Precut 328 has a 700 mm cutting width and is designed for standard and plate frozen blocks. The Precut 330, with a cutting with of 1.480 mm, can reduce complete layers of palletized frozen product at up to 25 to/h.

Add optional pallet lifters and conveyors to create an automated system.

Processor benefits

  • High production rates with minimal human intervention
  • Optional belts, lifters, and screw conveyors allow for seamless intergration into a production line
PRECUT 330 1920 x 1080
Cutting area
330 Bigbox dischrge
328 R