Orbix-300 Slicer

The Orbix 300 is a vertical slicer ideal for slicing bone-in and boneless meats for case-ready operations. Crust-frozen or tempered products are firmly held in vertical chutes and fed into the cut zone with a pneumatic product follower. This consistent pressure allows for unmatched slice thickness consistency—eliminating kerf loss and increasing product yield by up to 5 percent.

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Key Features

  • Production rates at up to 300 slices/min with no kerf loss
  • Slicing action minimizes smear and bone dust improving product appearance
  • Roll away cover allows chutes to remain in place for easy cleaning and maintenance
  •  Removable chute inserts allow for quick product change-over
  •  Intuitive HMI with recipe function ensures day-to-day consistency and rapid thickness changes
  • Grouping function allows for grouping by count or cut type for efficient tray loading


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Product Overview

The Orbix gets its name from the rapid rotation of its blade— up to 900 revolutions per minute, with sustained production rates of 300 slices per minute. Most processors can process an average of six to seven loins per minute with the Orbix, which is perfect for high-volume operations.

The Orbix was designed for case-ready applications. When used with our pressing and forming technology, the Orbix is in a class of its own for maximizing the ROI of case-ready products such as bone-in and boneless pork loins and chops, boneless steak portions, jerky, and smoked meats.

Our optional servo-controlled downstream product distribution system utilizes a retractable conveyor system, and take-away conveyors with tray feeds can be custom designed to meet your layout and product flow. The conveyor system allows ten directional choices per cycle and independent product distribution from each chute.

Processor Benefits

  • Increase yield up to 5% by eliminating kerf loss
  • Unmatched slice thickness consistency due to pneumatic product follower and servo-driven thickness table
  • Thickness averaging of each piece of meat for maximum yield and more usable slices
  • Change chute inserts in less than 5 minutes

Product Specifications

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Orbix300 Var Mode A

Product Downloads

Orbix 300 Brochure