Marelec Portio B

The Marelec Portio B is designed for portioning pork primals, crust-frozen meat primals, frozen products, and cured/dried/smoked meats. The system uses three
cameras and an intelligent cutting algorithm to achieve the optimal number of portions per primal with minimal waste. A key feature of this machine is the integrated top holder and back holder which allows portions to exit the machine in a shingled fashion for ready immediate retail packaging.

portio b interior

Key Features

  • Designed for portioning pork primals, crust-frozen meat primals, frozen products, and cured/dried/smoked meats
  • Uses three cameras to scan the contours of the primal at 120° intervals. Based on the product density, the intelligent software calculates where to cut to optimize product yield
  • Cutting of  products to weight or fixed thickness or both
  • Integrated product gripper and top holder which ensures the primals don’t move backward or sideways on the feeding section. This combination guarantees accurate fixed-weight cuts which exit the machine in a shingled fashion for ready immediate retail packaging.
  • The claws of the gripper ensure that the primals move toward the cutting section without losing their position on the belt after being scanned. The programmable position of where the gripper will hold the product can be optimized to reduce trim and improve yields.
  • Dual infeed conveyors and a servo-driven buffer belt automatically speed up or slow down to guarantee a consistently small gap between primals. This optimizes line efficiency
  • Belt surface has been specially designed for red meat primals and will keep the products in place and prevent them from moving during portioning
  • Up to 5 cuts per second


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Product Overview

The Portio 3 is a fixed-weight portion cutter that uses 3 camera/laser combinations, spaced at 120° to each other, to perfectly scan the volume around the irregular shape of loins. Several specially designed features come as standard to keep the product in place during cutting. A dynamic density scale can be added to the portion slicer to calculate the correct density of each pork loin.

The PORTIO software for the portion cutter always calculates the cuts so as to leave zero waste and maximize the yields. Conditional programs are possible for increased yields. Combinations of fixed thickness and various fixed weights allow the creation of portions up to a maximum yield for all meat applications.

The portion cutter complies with the most stringent hygiene standards. Its open structure allows it to be fully cleaned using a pressure washer and disinfected on the inside and outside. A CIP (Cleaning In Place) system rinses the belts. All cabinets with electrics and electronics have a unique drying system to prevent the build-up of condensation. Belts can be removed with a quick release, without the need for tools.

Processor Benefits

  • Portio software for the portion cutter calculates the slices to leave zero waste and maximize the yields
  • 2-5% higher product yields than similar products and 5-8% higher than hand cutting
  • Designed for optimal cleaning to meet extreme hygienic standards (CIP integrated)
  • Low noise operation
  • Internet connectivity for remote service


  • Dynamic Infeed Weigher compensates for possible variations in fat content. It calculates the exact density of each primal will make your giveaway predictable and programmable.

Product Specifications

portio b th + gripper
Portio B belt feeding
Portio B cameras
Portio B shingled

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Marelec Portio B