Marelec Portio 1DAP

Utilizing the same state-of-the-art camera and software system as the Portio, the Portio 1DAP is especially suited for high-volume portioning of fresh  products. This dual lane cutting system is designed to give a “natural cut” look or gain additional plate coverage. The 1DAP knives are adjustable to 5 different angles.

portio 1dap open

Key Features

  • Change the cutting angle from 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, or 50 without using tools.
  • A patented system automatically adjusts the gap between the infeed- and outfeed belt for the optimum spacing
  • High-speed cutting of products to weight or fixed thickness or both
  • The latest laser vision technology, featuring 400 Hz cameras, ensures unparalleled accuracy
  • Up to 17.5 cuts/s (optionally 25 cuts/s)
  • Integrated HMI with recipe function
  • Numerous options include product holders, retractable outfeed, 300 or 350 mm belt widths, knife sharpeners, and more.


Poultry | Seafood | Meat Alternative




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Product Overview

The Portio 1DAP portions flat chicken fillets and deboned leg meat to a fixed weight and cuts fillets at an angle to maintain the natural look of the portioned fillets or for a broader plate coverage. The single laser camera on the top perfectly scans flat products and transforms the shape into a 3D model. Based on the product density, the intelligent software of the portioning machine instantly calculates where to cut the product to obtain the target weights.

Processor Benefits

  • Creates angled cuts for a more natural look to portioned fillets
  • No crusting is required for slicing
  • Portio software for the portion cutter calculates the slices to leave zero waste and maximize the yields
  • 2-5% higher product yields than similar products and 5-8% higher than hand cutting
  • Designed for optimal cleaning to meet extreme hygienic standards (CIP integrated)
  • Low noise operation
  • Internet connectivity for remote service

Product Specifications

portio 1dap scan
portio 1dap chicken filet knife
portio 1dap chicken filet knife 3