Marelec Portio 1A & 3A

The Marelec Portio 1A and 3A uses state-of-the-art technology to create high-precision portions from  boneless whole primals or whole fish. The Portio combines the latest laser vision technology and camera technology with a highly intelligent cutting algorithm to calculate the exact location of each cut, ensuring equal, fixed weights and optimal product yield. It is suited for creating angled cuts of fresh products such as meat, pork, fish fillets, and whole fish.


Key Features

  • Adjustable knife angle from 0° to 30° or 45°
  • High-speed cutting of whole primals or fish to fixed weight or fixed thickness or both
  • The latest laser vision technology, featuring 400 Hz cameras, ensures unparalleled accuracy
  • Up to 17.5 cuts/s (optionally 25 cuts/s)
  • Integrated HMI with recipe function
  • Numerous options include product holders, retractable outfeed, 300 or 350 mm belt widths, knife sharpeners, and more.


Meat | Seafood | Pet Food | Fruit & Vegetable | Meat Alternative




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Product Overview

The Portio 1A portions flat primals and subprimals to a fixed weight and cuts fillets at an angle to maintain a natural look or to gain broader plate coverage. The intelligent software of the portioning machine instantly calculates where to cut the product to obtain the target weights. The Portio1A can be easily upgraded to a portion 3A with the installation of two additional cameras.

The fixed-weight portion cutter Portio 3A is used to portion rounded poultry products or parts such as fillets, with an angled cut to a programmed fixed weight. This Portio 3A portioner uses three camera/laser combinations to scan the entire contour of a large fillet. Based on the product’s density, the intelligent software of the portioning machine instantly calculates where to cut the product to optimize the yield and minimize give-away while keeping the target weights in mind.

Processor Benefits

  • Creates angled cuts for a more natural look to portioned fillets
  • No crusting is required for slicing
  • Portio software for the portion cutter calculates the cuts to leave zero waste and maximize the yields
  • 2-5% higher product yields than similar products and 5-8% higher than hand cutting
  • Designed for optimal cleaning to meet extreme hygienic standards (CIP integrated)
  • Low noise operation
  • Internet connectivity for remote service

Product Specifications

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Product Downloads

Marelec Portio 1 Brochure