Marelec Compact Grader

The Marelec Compact Grader incorporates infeed, weighing, and grading on one belt and one frame, allowing processors to save space on the production floor; the result is a high-volume, highly accurate grading solution in a small footprint.

Compact Grader M3 8P 6030 D

Key Features

  • Compact design with infeed weighing and grading on a single frame
  • An intelligent batching algorithm keeps track and makes combinations of all the different weights to fill the stations to the target batch weight, with the absolute minimum giveaway
  • Available with 6 or 8 sorting gates
  • User-friendly software interface with storage for 100 unique programs


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Product overview

The Marelec Compact Grader combines state-of-the-art technology to create a fast, accurate, and highly advanced grading solution. Its intelligent batching algorithm automatically tracks and combines products of different weights. It uses gentle pull arms to sort the product into fill stations based on the target weight. The result is nearly zero giveaway of your product.

The compact grader has a 250 mm wide belt that is well suited for grading all kinds of meat and poultry parts, such as steaks, battered products, strips, dices, fillets, wings, and drums. Poultry processors will love the 300 mm wide model that can be used for grading whole birds. Optional features include Matrix software, label printers, and infeed belt systems.

Processor benefits

  • Highly accurate platform designed for high throughput
  • Plug-n-Play installation that only requires a single air and power connection
  • Hygienic construction with minimal hidden corners and no horizontal surfaces
  • Operates with minimal noise

Product Specifications

Compact Grader M3 8P 6030 D
Compact Grader M3 6P 2025 DB