Marelec Classic Grader

The Marelec Classic Grader combines state-of-the-art technology to create a fast, accurate, and highly advanced grading solution. Its intelligent batching algorithm automatically tracks and combines products of different weights before sorting them into fill stations based on the target weight. The result is nearly zero giveaway of your product.

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Key Features

  • Modular design with options for customization
  • An intelligent batching algorithm keeps track and makes combinations of all the different weights to fill the stations to the target batch weight, with the absolute minimum giveaway
  • Hygienic construction with minimal hidden corners and no horizontal surfaces
  • Easy integration with Matrix production data software


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When combined with the Marelec Portio intelligent portioning system, the Classic Grader creates a turnkey solution for processors who want to accurately portion a high volume of product with minimal waste. Whole primals can be weighed and graded into different weight categories. After grading, portions can be transported directly to packaging machines or combined into a fixed-weight pack. Our brochure provides an in-depth look at all available options.

A major benefit of the Classic Grader is its modular design which allows for multiple customization options. Processors can choose from multiple infeed options, labeling as well as outfeed options, such as trays, batching bins, or belts for further processing. This type of flexibility makes the classic grader an ideal solution for whole primal portions, whole bird and poultry parts (including fillets, tenders, and legs) as well as batching of strips and dices after portioning.

Processor benefits

  • Intelligent batching technology reduces manual labor by automatically separating and grouping portions by target weight or portion count
  • Optional connection to the internet allows for remote service and status monitoring
  • Turnkey solution allowing for easy integration with slicers, x-ray machines, and packaging machines
Porg grader overview
Grader after PORTIO meat detail 1
Custom grader meat overview
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