Magurit Galan

The Galan is an all-in-one solution for fresh and cooked products. The meaning of the word Galan in English is “gentle” and describes the way the machine treats the product while cutting. It can cut fresh, tumbled, crust frozen, and cooked products into slices, strips, and dices without deforming the product— a perfect solution for meat, poultry, fish, or fruit, and also some dairy products.


Key Features

  • All-in-one slicer, dicer, and shredder
  • One, two, and three-dimensional cutting options
  • Patented spring-loaded counter plate delivers up to 2%(+) higher yields over other dicers
  • Adjustable conveyor and blade speeds
  • Available in 9”, 15”, and 24” wide machines ( the widest dicer available worldwide)
  • Pneumatic belts that automatically adjust for perfect tension every time, which prevents slipping and makes for quick and easy set-up/breakdown
  • Designed with sloped surfaces for easily sanitation
  • Great solution for ready-to-eat foods
  • Touch screen HMI with recipe function


Meat | Poultry | Seafood | Pet Food | Fruit & Vegetable | Cheese | Meat Alternative


Slicers | Frozen Product Reduction
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Product Overview

Galan uses a pressure adjustable belt feed system of two parallel belts that continuously feed the product towards the blades. Products, such as marinated chicken breast, are not put under pressure during slicing while the Galan’s scimitar blades and circular blades utilize pulling cuts to allow for extreme precision. It’s truly one of the most versatile cutting machines on the market.

The Galan is available in one, two, and three-dimensionally cutting options allowing cubes, slices, and strips to be cut on the same machine in a single pass. Additionally, the Galan can cut “pulled” products such as pork or chicken with an optional cutting tool. Designed with sanitation in mind, all Galan models have sloping surfaces so that water and cleaning fluids drain off effortlessly. A simple locking mechanism opens the entire cutting area for easy wash down and cleaning. Belts are easily removed with a push of a button.

Processor Benefits

  • Infinitely adjustable conveyor and blade speeds allow for limitless processing options
  • Upper conveyor holds product to prevent it from being pulled through the knives which creates precise, clean cuts
  • Cuts cooked products without the need of pre-chilling
  • Engineered for quick disassembly for cleaning and sanitation

Product Specifications

Galan 920
Galan 920
Galan930 3D
Galan Cutting Head