Lapeg Whole Muscle Stuffing

The Lapeg 900 has been developed for automatic packing of single or multiple primals into a casing before cooking or drying, which was previously very labor-intensive. The system can pack diameters from 60mm up to 220mm in plastic–fibrous casing, net, or collagen film. This increases consistency, throughput, and yield.

PUJOLAS LAPEG 900 automatica

Key Features

  • Automatic whole muscle packaging system for bone-in and boneless products
  • Exclusive Polyclip tightening and clipping system
  • Compatible with plastic–fibrous casing, net, collagen film
  • Stuffs products up to 900 mm long
  • Compatible with products between 70 mm and 220 mm in diameter


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Product Overview

The Lapeg system automatically stuffs whole muscles without human intervention. It utilizes three precision-engineered components to produce consistent results with every cycle.


This loader allows automatic stuffing without the place the meat inside.

Stuffing Machine

The stuffing machine shapes the product by employing an upper mold, a lower mold and a pusher, which puts the product into the net or casing. This machine allows working with calibers going from  70 mm to  220 mm.

Tensing-Clipping Machine

This machine is the one that puts the clips at each side of the product, and also a piece of cord in case this is required. The machine has got an automatic system of Tension and Clipping. It is also possible to adjust the tension on the product automatically.

Processor Benefits

  • Whole muscle is placed by a single operator
  • Equipped with automatic loader for products which don’t need to be positioned
  • The fat and the muscle meat do not get mixed. Better meat binding and product profitability
  • Casing end saving thanks to double clipper
  • Speed and precision thanks to the Servo Drive system.


  • Available with multiple mold options
  • Tooling trolley for storing tools and mold sets
  • Net dispenser which drages the net onto the pipes
  • Automated system for applying rolled collagen film with the net
  • Looping module for hanging products for smoking or curing (available twisted in one, two or three colors)

Product Specifications

Meat in Lapeg

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