Ebaki Horizontal Slicer

The Ebaki line of horizontal slicers effortlessly cuts boneless beef, chicken, pork, and turkey into parallel sliced fillets. With multiple cutting head options and up to 10 blades, the Ebaki offers processors numerous cutting options aimed at meeting their unique product specifications.

Ebaki1W top up

Key Features

  • Variable belt and blade speed options to allow for greater cutting versatility
  • Individual cutting lanes and cutting sets work independently allowing simultaneous cutting of different products
  • Blades move in the opposite direction of each other, preventing the product from moving thus creating a very regular cut
  • Models can fit up to 12 blades


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Product Overview

Multiple different models of Ebaki slicers are available with single, double, and triple-lane conveyors. A wide model with one or two lanes is also available for slicing larger cuts. With an output of 4000-13,000 lbs/hr. there’s a right sized Ebaki for almost every type of processor.

The Ebaki Mini is a compact filleting machine with a single cutting lane. It’s capable of cutting products such as chicken breasts, sausage links, vegetables, and bacon from as thin as 4 mm. With an output of 1100 lbs/hr. its small size is ideal for small processors of butcher shops.

Processor Benefits

  • Product moves through the cutting area by means of a lower and upper conveyor belt which holds and laminates the product during the filleting, thus minimizing shrinkage
  • Flip open top for easy wash down
  • No tools are required to remove guides and belts
  • Accommodates products up to 135mm, perfect for products such as streaky bacon

Product Specifications

Ebaki 1W
Ebaki Mini
Ebaki Mini Belt up

Product Downloads

Ebaki Mini Ebaki 1-2-3 Brochure