Magurit Drumcut

The Magurit Drumcut is pre breaker for large portion frozen fruit products stored in drum containers. A key player in the frozen fruit industry, the Magurit Drumcut can reduce 550-pound barrels of frozen whole fruits, concentrates, and not-from-concentrate juices down into manageable portions for further processing.


Key Features

  • Cutting of drum-frozen products such as fruit, whole fruit, concentrates, direct juices
  • Up to 60 drums / hour
  • Optional Roller conveyors, Lifter-dumper, CIP-connection, Discharge pumps


Fruit & Vegetable


Frozen Product Reduction
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Product Overview

A huge amount of the raw materials used in the fruit industry (especially tropical fruits like all citric fruits, bananas, pineapple, passion fruit, etc.) are supplied to the processing plants frozen in barrels, containing 200 – 250 lbs. of product. By freezing these products, fruit-based drinks and food products are available year-round. To reduce these up to 550 lbs. heavy frozen concentrate blocks Magurit offers its Drumcut systems, rotating cutters designed for handling and cutting of these large barrels.

The Drumcut itself usually is “only” the heart of a complete, integrated solution, often also containing roller conveyor systems to bring the full barrels to and the empty barrels from the machine, barrel lifting-dumping, poly-liner squeezing until for the remains of product in the plastic bags, pump-systems for further pumping into tanks, and also often CIP preparation including valves, spray-balls, and nozzles. The Drumcut is a customized solutions designed for integration into whole processing lines.

Processor benefits

  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • Rapid reduction of large quantities of product
  • Nearly automated process with robotic heavy lifting

Product Specifications

infeed hopper and cutting drum
drumcut detail1
2 drum lifter with conveyor