Magurit Dicecut

The Magurit Dicecut efficiently cuts frozen meat blocks into 10 mm-60 mm strips or diced portions without the need for long-term pre-thawing. This virtually eliminates drip loss allowing processors to gain far higher yields (between 2 and 8 % depending on raw material) while minimizing the energy costs associated with refreezing. The Dicecut offers a remarkably shorter processing time with a quicker response to customers’ demands, less microbiological load, and better economic results due to higher yields.

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Key Features

  • Cuts 10 mm to 60 mm strips
  • Minimal need for pre-thawing allows for faster processing speed, reduced energy costs, and increased defense against microbial contamination
  • Reduced meat juice loss reduction of up to 8% of raw material
  • Single operator required or integrate with an automated weighing and packaging line


Pork | Meat | Poultry | Seafood | Pet Food | Fruit & Vegetable


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Product overview

The Magurit Dicecut is designed primarily for the precise cubing and strip cutting of frozen products such as beef, chicken, and pet food products. With an output of up to 9900 lbs/hr, it’s ideal for the reduction of large quantities for producing steak strips or cubes, pizza toppings, fish, scallops, gyro strips, and more.

One of the key features of the Dicecut’s is the products do not require long term tempering of blocks prior to cutting. This offers a substantial savings in terms of drip loss and energy usage.

Processor benefits

  • Quickly exchangeable knife-heads with cutting width of 10 mm to 100 mm and cutting depth between 3 and 50mm are available
  • Push button disassembly of conveyor belts for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Angled surfaces allow for cleaning liquids to drain quickly
  • Compatible with all EURO or U.S. standard blocks— does not require compression or prior cutting of blocks
  • Pallet lifters and continuous screw transfer systems available for easy product loading

Product Specifications

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WP 20160921 09 32 09 Pro Rneu
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Product Downloads

Magurit Dicecut Brochure