ASP 460/560/560D

The ASP 460/560/560D is open top deridinder explicitly designed for round pork  cuts such as shoulder, ham, and haunch.


Key Features

  • Open top derinding of round cuts
  • Adjustment of the rind or cutting thickness from 0-4 mm
  • Processes cuts up to 560 mm wide
  • Features a SmartLock blade holder for tool-free blade changes
  • Engineered for worker safety with a unique gear brake system that stops the blade
    immediately when the foot pedal is released




Skinners & Derinders


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Product Overview

The Ross ASP 460/560 skinner is an open-top machine specifically designed to process round cuts such as ham shoulder and rounds. The patented cutting system cleanly removes the rind without remnants or need for rework.

The ASP 560D offers combination skinning and defatting into a single machine.

Most of the machine is built with plate steel instead of sheet metal, guaranteeing that it can withstand the daily grind of a busy processing line. It has complete mechanical and electrical separation and minimal lubrication points, so it does not require a lot of downtime for maintenance. Its small footprint makes it an ideal machine for small to medium-sized operations that require a flexible skinning solution.

Processor Benefits

  • Highly durable design that features complete mechanical and electrical separation and
    minimal lubrication points to minimize downtime for maintenance
  • Small footprint machine that takes up minimal space on the production floor
  • Built with highly durable plate stainless steel
  • Designed for easy cleaning

Product Specifications

ASP560 Käse Detail LJ7A3040 1
Skinner ASP 560 D Titel
Skinner ASP460 560 Titel Schinken entschwarten

Product Downloads

ASP 460/560 ASP 560 D