ASB 460/560/770

The Ross ASB series derinders are high-volume machines for derinding beef, pork, veal, and turkey with speed and precision. With cutting surface options from 460 mm to 770 mm and thickness cutting options from 0 mm to 4 mm, we have a derinding platform that meets your specific processing application.

ASB Series Full

Key Features

  • Adjustable cutting thickness from 0 mm to 4 mm
  • Optional cutting thickness up to 12 mm
  • Three cutting widths- 460 mm, 560 mm, 770 mm
  • Flip open lid for easy cleaning of all product surfaces
  • Operate from the left or right side
  • Height adjustable base
  • Option to suspend over a carving belt or place on C-frame to save space


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Skinners & Derinders


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Product Overview

The true benefit of the ASB Series is its flexibility, durability, and throughput. Choose from multiple product-specific pressure rollers to expand the machine’s capabilities to process many different types of products, including up to 3,000 pieces of neck fat per hour, and the ability to process boneless pork shoulder, ham, and bacon.

Processor benefits

  • Spring-mounted slicing system provides a clean first cut to ensure a high product yield
  • Fully automated derinding, perfect for inline applications
  • An accurate cutting blade minimizes the need for rework
  • Optional product-specific pressure devices allow for greater processing versatility

Product Specifications

ASB Series Full
Ross ASB 460 560 770 1
Ross ASB 460 560 770 2

Product Downloads

ASB 460 560 Brochure