AMS 533

The Ross AMS 533 Skinner provides a supremely flexible platform for precise membrane skinning of beef, pork, veal, and turkey. Its product-specific selectable rollers and specially tuned knife systems were engineered to work with different types of proteins. The result is maximum yield with every product.

AMS 533

Key Features

  • 533 mm cutting area for large cuts
  • Thickness settings from 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm
  • Product-specific tension rollers designed to maximize product yield
  • Tooth roller is cleaned continuously by a mechanically-driven compressed air system and a cleaning roller
  • A unique gear brake system stops the blade immediately when the foot pedal is released
  • SmartLock blade holder minimizes downtime between blade changes
  • Optional product-specific transport rollers and coordinating blades




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Product overview

The AMS 533 features a highly durable design that’s ideal for high-volume processors. The majority of the machine is built with plate steel as opposed to sheet metal, guaranteeing that it can withstand the daily grind of a busy processing line. It has a complete mechanical and electrical separation and minimal lubrication points, so it does not require a lot of downtime for maintenance.

Additionally, the AMS 533 was designed with worker safety in mind. Many other open-top derinders rely on friction to stop the spinning blade; the AMS 533 has a gear brake system that stops the blade as soon as the foot pedal is released.

Processor benefits

  • Roller depth is not operator adjustable ensuring more consistent membrane remove and higher yields over time
  • Small footprint machine that takes up minimal space on the production floor
  • Built with highly durable plate stainless steel
  • Designed for easy cleaning
  • Complete mechanical and electrical separation

Product Specifications

AMS 533
AMS533 Detail LJ7A31152
AMS533 Detail Oberschale ohne Deckel vorher LJ7A3154 1
AMS533 Detail Rinderkugel Teil 2 vorher LJ7A3136 1

Product Downloads

AMS 533 Brochure