AMS 400

The AMS 400 is a flexible membrane skinning platform for all different cuts of beef, veal, and pork. This powerful and efficient system removes sinew, fat, and membrane and ensures optimal yields for proteins up to 15 inches wide. Thanks to its compact design the AMS 400 is perfect for craft or medium-sized businesses.

AMS 400

Key Features

  • 15 inch wide cutting area
  • Suitable for beef, pork, and veal
  • Features a nozzle block compressed air cleaning of tension roller
  • Optional product-specific transport rollers



Pork | Meat


Skinners & Derinders


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AMS 400

The AMS 400 offers a powerful yet flexible beef, pork, and veal membrane skinning platform. It is our smallest footprint machine. While compact, the AMS 400 packs in a lot of power. Its .55 kW motor, blade set, and nozzle block compressed air cleaning system work in tandem to deliver the highest product yields every time.


Processor Benefits

  • Low operating costs and total cost of ownership
  • Roller depth is not operator adjustable ensuring more consistent membrane removal and higher yields over time
  • Compact footprint minimizes space
  • Features complete mechanical and electrical separation and minimal lubrication points
  • Engineered with worker safety in mind

Product Specifications

AMS 400 skinned beef

Product Downloads

AMS 400