Ross 914 and 914E Uniform Meat Presses

ROSS Uniform Meat Presses form tempered and crust-frozen products into a consistent shape and size. The 914 uses a unique “double ram” press action that evenly fills the mold cavity and squares off the product ends to create a uniform-shaped product. Uniformity before slicing helps processors to maximize their slice yields and increase profitability. The 914 is ideal for beef, poultry, pork, vegetables, or any application where a consistent size and shape are required before slicing. The 914 E model was specifically designed to process whole slabs of bacon to uniform sizes for further curing or slicing.   

914 Press Front

Key Features

  • Adjustable pressure and dwell controls ensure exact product shape parameters with every cycle
  • Unique forming system assures accurate molding and consistent performance.
  • Average of 6 processing cycles per minute


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Processor benefits

  • Hundreds of mold options are available, or work with our engineering team to design your own
  • Forming system creates square ends for more consistent portioning when sliced to thickness
  • 914E model used primarily for bacon
  • Thinly slice tempered beef, press back together, and slice again to make equal weight portions for Break-Away Steak

Product Specifications

914 off axis
914 Press Front
914 close up
Uniform Meat Presses 914

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