730 Intervention Applicators

Intervention application results in a safer finished product for the consumer while minimizing the risk of a recall for the meat or poultry product processor. Ross Standalone Intervention Applicators can run multiple products simultaneously and reduce surface pathogen colony plate counts by over 99 percent.

730 12 1 converted

Key Features

  • Complete product coverage achieved using 360° spray pattern
  • Spray pattern and belt speed designed for full product coverage and proper dwell without pickup detected
  • Built‐in Ready‐To‐Use (RTU) Tank with fluid level and flow controls
  • Gutter drains excess solution to one drain for safe disposal
  • Fully enclosed conveyor area prevents contact with overspray


Meat | Poultry | Seafood | Pet Food | Fruit & Vegetable




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Product overview

Product recalls due to food-borne pathogens are costly and hurt your brand’s integrity. Applying an intervention solution is your best defense against this type of risk. An independent university study found that our intervention application technology reduces pathogen plate colony counts in meat and poultry by more than 99%.

The 730 Intervention Applicator was designed as a cost-efficient system for processors who want to minimize the risk of product contamination.

Our system complies with USDA best practices while utilizing cost-saving measures such as our no product/no spray technology and spry optimization that ensures full product coverage with the least about of solution possible. The 730 Intervention Applicator is fully automated and designed to function as a stand-alone machine or in a processing line. In addition, a combination tenderizer/intervention application system is available.

Processor benefits

  • Compact, space‐efficient design
  • Available mixing system delivers the perfect concentration to the machine
  • Cost control features such as no product/no spray shut off and controls that spray the least amount of solution necessary
  • Complies with the best practices currently recommended by the FSIS division of the USDA

Product Specifications

730 12 4 converted
730 12 2 converted
730 12 1 converted

Product Downloads

Ross 730 Intervention Brochure