712 Preportioner

The Ross 712 Pre-Portioner splits frozen fish blocks Into perfect shapes every time increasing yields and reducing labor.

712 Preportioner

Key Features

  • Precision blades split fish blocks automatically into the desired shape
  • Zero kerf loss cutting process allows for maximum yields
  • Automatic cycling provides high-speed production efficiency
  • Temperature control system maintains cutting head temperature for optimal performance
  • HMI Touchscreen




Frozen Product Reduction
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Designed specifically for frozen fish applications, the 712 Preportioner uses a precision cutting system to proportion fish blocks into planks for further processing.

Processor Benefits

  • Reduces labor and increases production by processing up to 10 blocks per minute using a single operator
  • Accommodates standard industry block sizes and fillet orientation
  • Blocks are loaded into the infeed conveyor and automatically stacked in the loading chamber allowing for continuous operation
  • Hygienically designed for easy cleaning—disassembly is simple and rapid

Product Specifications

712 cutting options
712 fish blocks